Established in 1980, PT. Yasunli Abadi Utama Plastic (PT. YAUP)  started   with three plastic injection machines specializing  in  producing  electronic  parts.

Two years later, it started to specialize in producing automotive parts.

Now, PT. Yasunli Abadi Utama Plastik  has  earned  its  own  reputation  by being  one  of  the  best plastic injection moulder.

At PT. Yasunli Abadi Utama Plastik, our  experienced people provide good products  that  meet  the  industrial  standards  and customer’s  specifications. Our  Quality  Assurance Division  supports  and  assures  that  all  products from  PT.YAUP   has    met    all    quality   standards reinforcing  our  belief “Perseverance  to   achieve customer satisfaction”.

PT. Yasunli  Abadi  Utama  Plastik  pledge  that  it  will  maintain  continuously the  philosophy  of  providing  the  greatest  value  of  quality,   service    and satisfaction for it customers.